Chain Hoists, we love Chain Hoists.

JD Neuhaus Air Chain Hoist
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Here at Sublift we have to admit the chain hoist is our favourite product. In fact we do get excited when people mention chain hoists. It is part of our lifting equipment range where you can lease or buy the item in Ireland or the UK.  The brands that we promote at Sublift are,  Yale Electric Chain Hoists and the JD Neuhaus Air Chain Hoists.

Yale Chain Hoists
Yale Chain Hoists
JD Neuhaus Air Chain Hoist
JD Neuhaus Air Chain Hoist

The reason we are committed to these brands and continue to have long relationships with these brands is simple, they are the best quality chain hoists in their fields. At Sublift we take pride that we only sell top quality lifting equipment. Click here if you want to see our product page on chain hoists..  The Yale Electric Chain Hoist has modern design and technical innovation. It has a robust construction which makes it versatile for industrial demands. The JD Neuhaus Air Chain Hoist is the No1 air hoist on the market. It also has a robust construction and is ideal for ex-rated areas. See Michelle talk further about chain hoists.


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