Barrel & Drum Lifters help with Manual Handling Issues

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We recently visited one of our suppliers in Denmark called Logitrans. Logitrans specialise in the manufacturing of high quality Barrel & Drum lifters, Pallet Trucks, Stackers, Reel Rotators and so much more. They even manufacture stainless options which are ideal for the pharmaceutical industry. Click here to see our full range of Logitrans products. When we first arrived at Logitrans i had to admit i was very

impressed by the quality of their lifting equipment. By touching and feeling the equipment you knew that it was made from high quality steel and but together by quality individuals. When one of their representatives said to me “when you buy Logitrans your buying a piece of equipment that will last a life time” I have to agree. At Sublift we only sell the best lifting equipment and by partnering with Logitrans it is the perfect fit. These Logitrans Barrel & Drum lifters are the best we have ever seen and are an ideal solution to manual handling issues when it comes to lifting and emptying barrels or drums. For more information on these items please visit our home page by clicking here


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